Tatarstan citizens received 195 million rubles for the development of innovative business

6 december 2021

The Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE, Moscow) summed up the results of a number of annual federal competitions. According to the results, Tatarstan companies engaged in innovative developments will receive grants of 195 million rubles. This result became possible, among other things, thanks to the active activity of the Technopark “Idea” as the base site of the regional representation of the Foundation for Assistance to Innovation.

The Technopark informed entrepreneurs about competitions, explained conditions of participation, advised on the issues of the registration of an application, etc. In particular, according to the programme “UMNIK” Technopark “Idea” conducted a crash test of projects before a final defense for more successful presentation in front of independent experts, organized webinars on frequently asked questions, held a semi-final and final, where authors of the best projects defended their work in front of experts – leading representatives of the scientific and business community. Further, the experts recommended the most promising projects, from which the Foundation for Assistance to Innovation selected the winners.

As a result, the developments of young scientists (students and postgraduates of Tatarstan universities) will receive 500,000 rubles in the form of federal funds only within the framework of the programme “UMNIK”.

Now the “Idea” will accompany projects on the way to their implementation. This service is free for all participants. It should be noted that before the semi-finals and finals of the competition, work was carried out together with universities of the republic and scientific organizations to identify the strongest projects.

And authors of these projects have a chance to receive support from the republic in the amount of 220 thousand rubles in the framework of a nomination “Youth innovative project” of the contest “50 best innovative ideas for the Republic of Tatarstan”.

Within the framework of the FASIE’s programmes, 13 more winners from Tatarstan were included in the list of the best in other areas.

Almost 10 million rubles were received by a company “Technology”, which is engaged in the production of coolant-cutting fluid for processing of hard and superhard materials using diamond-cut tools.

It should be noted that now the Foundation for Assistance to Innovation is currently recruiting for 5 competitions. You can find out more about the terms of participation and the deadline for accepting applications on the website:, as well as in the Technopark “Idea” by phone: +7 (843) 570-68-50.

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