A procedure for assessing qualifications. Stages of the assessment of qualifications.

- Preparatory and evaluation stage

  • submission of a set of documents by an applicant or his legal representative to the QAC;
  • verification of the QAC of documents submitted by the applicant;
  • preparation, approval and conclusion of the QAC contract with a recipient of the service;
  • organization and conduct of a professional exam;
  • preparation of examination protocols by the expert commission based on the results of the qualification assessment.

The QAC and the recipient of services jointly minimize the terms of organizing and performing work at all stages of qualification assessment.

- Consideration and registration of results of the qualification assessment

  • The Council for Professional Qualifications (CPQ), on the basis of documents based on the results of the professional examination, checks, processes and recognizes the results of an independent qualification assessment, makes a decision to issue a certificate of qualification or a conclusion on passing the professional exam to the applicant or legal representative by the Qualifications Assessment Centre no later than 14 (fourteen) calendar days after the completion of the professional exam,
  • The QAC draws up and issues the certificate or conclusion within 30 (thirty) calendar days from the date of the professional examination;
  • Transfer of information for inclusion in the register on the results of qualification assessment and the issuance of certificates of professional qualifications

- Documents submitted for passing qualifications assessment

  • Scanned copy of the applicant’s identity document;
  • Scanned copy of a diploma of higher education;
  • A copy of an employment record book of the applicant (if available);
  • Copies of documents confirming participation in additional professional programmes (advanced training / retraining programmes, certificates, diplomas - if available);
  • A portfolio that shows personal achievements of the applicant in the field of the declared professional qualification (at the request of the applicant);
  • A consent to the processing of personal data;
  • Documents confirming an academic degree, title (if available);
  • Graduates, senior students of higher education institutions: a document confirming an experience of practical work during the study (a certified certificate from a place of internship, a copy of a report on the internship or work during study).
  • A document confirming an implementation by the applicant of labor functions, actions and skills (copies of reports on the work performed in the organization, confirming the personal participation of the applicant, etc.).
  • Author’s publications (patents, certificates, articles, regulatory and methodological documents);
  • Documents confirming the quality and relevance of the applicant’s work (prizes, awards, letters of thanks, etc.)

Within 10 (ten) calendar days after receiving the set of documents of the applicant, the QAC informs the applicant or legal representative, in the manner specified in the application for conducting the professional examination, about the results of consideration of the application and the set of documents of the applicant and agrees with the applicant or legal representative a date, place and time of the professional exam, as well as informs the applicant or legal representative about the procedures for conducting the professional exam.

Submission of application

1. To fill out an application form

The application form for qualification assessment

It is allowed in writing and in electronic form.

2. To send the application

To send a signed copy of the application with the attached documents to the email address: Oksana Lampsi: cok@tpidea.ru

A cost of evaluating one specialist without the use of additional equipment is 12,000 rubles. When evaluating several specialists of one enterprise, the price is negotiable.

Filing and handling complaints

If any controversial issues arise or if the applicant disagrees with the decision of the QAC, the applicant or his legal representative has the right to file a complaint related to the results of passing the professional exam and the issuance of a certificate of qualification (CPQ) no later than 30 (thirty) calendar days after decisions of the QAC, with which the applicant does not agree.

Options for filing the complaint

  • Personally in writing to the Council for Professional Qualifications in the nanoindustry (CPQ) addressed to the Chairman of the CPQ.
  • By registered mail to the address of the CPQ addressed to the Chairman of the CPQ with notification of receipt.
  • In electronic form via public information and telecommunication networks with notification of receipt.
  • The composition of the CPQ appeal commission is posted on the website: https://spknano.ru/sostav-apellyatsionnoy-komissii/
  • Corresponding address: 10A Prospekt 60-letiya Oktyabrya, Moscow, 117036

Phone number: +7 (916) 928-30-12, +7 (929) 571-49-03, +7 (499) 553-04-60

Fax: +7 (499) 553-04-60

E-mail: mon@monrf.ru;  sergey.ionov@monrf.ru

The complaint must contain:

  1. Surname, first name, patronymic of the applicant, address of his place of residence and (or) place of work.

  2. Detailed statement of a subject and essence of the complaint:

          - refusal of the applicant to accept documents for the professional exam;

          - disagreement with decisions made on the results of passing the professional exam;

          - non-compliance with the established procedure for conducting the professional exam;

          - violation of terms for issuing qualification certificate or refusal to issue a duplicate of it;

          - non-compliance of the form of qualification certificate and its annex with the established form;

          - lack of information on the issued certificate of qualification in the register of information about the conduct of an independent qualification assessment.

     3. Applicant’s signature.

Note. Anonymous complaints will not be considered.

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